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Nous Voulons Onyewu!

December 16, 2008

Despite rumors that Paris St Germain was also in hot pursuit of The Gooch, it appears that Marseille has all but closed the deal. Sports Illustrated tells us:

Oguchi Onyewu’s move from Standard Liege to Olympique de Marseille could be just a matter of formalities.

According to French soccer news Web site, the towering central defender has already agreed to a deal lasting 3½ years.

Now all that remains is for the two clubs to reach an agreement on the price, which is expected to be around $4 million.

I know that I would rather see Onyewu in the EPL, but I also would be sad to see him end up at a struggling club like Wigan or Blackburn (he just isn’t gonna end up at a strong English club right now).  In Ligue 1, Onyewu will go to a solid club that gets to play in Europe and I expect him to be a first team regular.  If he isn’t, it’ll be a nightmare.  This is a good move for him, as he’s familiar with the French league after spending time at Metz earlier in his career.

what do you think about Gooch seemingly locked in at Marseille? Happy? Think it’ll be a good fit?



VIDEO: Landon Training With Bayern

November 13, 2008


Kudos to Matt over at for these gems.  Two videos have emerged from the Bayern Training Grounds over the past two days, and they give us a little peak at Landon in action.

The first video is HERE

In the first vid, they’re mostly playing some small sided games (6v6 or whatever), if you don’t want to watch the whole 20 minute video, just skip to these highlights:

10:45 – Landon scores a goal

13:45 Landon hits a nice cross that leads to a goal

19:50 – some great interplay between Landon and Ribery, leading to a goal.

The second video is HERE

In the second vid, the Bayern lads do some warming up, then at the 10minute mark, they play a larger field 8v8ish scrimmage. Landon lines up as a forward alongside Luca Toni.  Seems like a situation that would only exist in my FIFA 09 manager mode.  Not too many exciting Landon highlights in the second video, but some nice passes, etc.  I hope his training is going well and I hope he impresses, because he does deserve to succeed and he does have all the skill and experience to do so.

Well it looks like I’ve answered my own question.  An article out of says that apparently Landon is impressing so far (forgive the broken translation):

Coach Jürgen Klinsmann said that the 26-year-old is happy in the squad and that it’s no secret he would welcome him. He wanted him to move to Munich in the summer window, but failed due to skepticism and the veto of the bosses. But Donovan apparently is in the process of convincing them otherwise.

Thus, Bayern director Uli Hoeneß apparently has been convinced by the former Leverkusen man. “What he showed was okay. Kicken he can,” said Hoeneß on Thursday. In about one week, the German Masters will decide whether Donovan is committed.

“Kicken he can!” Sounds good.

What do you guys think?



Dempsey to QPR? Huh?

October 10, 2008

A little rumor popped up on the web today from a QPR fansite, and it spoke of their potential interest in Dempsey.  Apparently their was almost a loan to QPR back in August, but it fell through with the injuries to AJ and some other niggles at Fulham.  They report:

American international Clint Dempsey was the subject of interest once more, for a possible loan spell, but according to the Hounslow Chronicle the deal was shelved due to the injury woes of the R`s West London rivals.

So would Dempsey get loaned out to QPR? No way, I really don’t think this will happen.  But it’s fun to entertain all the little rumors!  Keep your eye on Dempsey tomorrow against Cuba, and maybe he can play his way into Fulham’s starting XI.

What do you think? Can you see Dempsey saying yes to spending some time in the Colaship?



Sunday Stuff: Dempsey Rumors and More

September 28, 2008
Will work

Will work

In more fun with new gossip and flighty rumors, News of the World reports today that Clint Dempsey may be planning an escape from Fulham:

“…Clint Dempsey is looking to leave Craven Cottage after being frozen out of the first team by Roy Hodgson.”

COULD IT BE TRUE?! WHAT!? Who the hell knows, at this point publishing a rumor like this is hardly groundbreaking.  Every USMNT fan is wondering about Dempsey’s future at Fulham and his inability to see the pitch under Roy Hodgson.  Not to mention, it doesn’t help his case that the Cottagers haven’t had a horrible start without him in the lineup.  It could very well be true that Dempsey is not in the plans of Hodgson this season, and it’s only natural that Clint would want to find a home where he COULD feature (he’s not one to be satisfied with a sub role).

My Thoughts: Much too early to tell.  In my opinion, this rumor has probably just been stirred up by Dempsey’s camp to see what kind of interest is out there.  Unfortunately, I’m not convinced Clint would garner much attention from other quality EPL clubs, so a move abroad could materialize (I don’t think he’d join a Prem club fighting relegation, but who knows).  Despite it all, it’s important to remember that Dempsey is certainly not one to give up, and he is sure to continue fighting for a first team spot.  If he can continue to produce for the USMNT in upcoming qualifiers, I don’t think Hodgson will be able to ignore him.

Ah well, what do you all think? Will Dempsey earn back a regular role for Fulham? Is it time for him to move on? Chime in and let’s hear it. Also, check back later today and we can see if Freddy make’s the Monaco squad!


Freddy Adu came on as a 79 minute substitution in the midfield as Monaco fell 2-0 to Lille.  Another disappointing result and more meager minutes for Adu. I think Adu touched ball about once after he came on, which isn’t exactly his fault.  The Monaco link up play is atrocious.  Bottom line: Adu needs to see major minutes if he’s gonna impact the game and help rescue Monaco.  He could provide the midfield to forward link up play that they desperately need.  Also worth notin, Park played another 90 minutes, and failed to produce.

Neither Maurice Edu and Damarcus Beasley even made the bench today in the Rangers 3-0 win over Hibernian.  No reason to be worried about it yet.  If they don’t make the bench again next weekend, then we can think about worrying.



Landon Donovan and Bayern Munich? Say What?

September 12, 2008
Landon's gonna make Varsity?

Is Landon ready for the Varsity Team?

There are some little chirps on the internet, and also over at the Washington Post that Juergen Klinsmann was keen on purchasing LD in the August transfer period.  Ives chimed in as well, saying:

“Apparently Juergen Klinsmann was very interested in adding Donovan, but the Bayern board of directors wasn’t keen on buying a player who is perceived to have twice washed out of the Bundesliga. This led to a discussion between Bayern and Los Angeles about a loan deal with an option to buy. Neither the Galaxy or MLS was interested in that.”

Donovan joining a storied and large European Club? Can it be so?!  Rumor also is saying that Bayern will come back in January with a bid to buy, and that Donovan is very open to a move to the Bundesliga.  This would grant the wishes of USMNT fans everywhere who have longed dreamed of LD giving a serious go at European Football.  I will keep my ear to the ground for more details as they pop up.

My Thoughts: Well shit, Landon at Bayern almost seems too good to be true.  And until some more concrete evidence pops up, I’m still skeptic of this ever happening.  I think it’s more realistic that Landon would join a smaller team in one of the Big Euro leagues, but if it’s true, you have to salivate over the notion of Landon being coached by Klinsmann.  Juergen masterminded some truly excellent attacking soccer with Germany in WC06 and it would be titillating to watch him squeeze the best out of Donovan.  Landon is much more mature now and seems eager to prove himself at the top level, which can only bode well for the future of the USMNT.  He seems ready for Europe so I hope something positive can materialize for him in January.  And Bayern Munich sure would be positive.

What do you think? Do you believe the whispers? Think it’s all fabricated?



Michael Bradley to Borussia Mönchengladbach

August 31, 2008
Surprise! Betcha didn't expect Monchengladbach, did ya!?

Surprise! Betcha didn't expect Monchengladbach, did ya!?

In something none of us expected, Heerenveen have accepted an offer for Michael Bradley from Borussia Mönchengladbach of the Bundesliga.  The club might sound familiar to you and that is because Kasey Keller once plied his trade for this German side from 2005 to 2007.  Gladbach are back in the Bundesliga 1 this year after spending last season in the 2nd division.  They are a large club with some good history, but have been floating around mid-table the last 8 or so years.

Not many American news outlets have picked this up yet, so I’m left to quote the Heerenveen official website which translates loosely to:

Sc Heerenveen and Borussia Mönchengladbach have already reached agreement on the transfer. Bradley must still make ends meet personally with the Germans.

So Bradley still has to agree to personal terms with the Bundesliga side.  Apparently Mikey traveled quickly to the German club after Heerenveen’s game today.  This transfer sounds all but done, and it does make me a little sad because it would’ve been great to watch Bradley on TV for Middlesbrough every weekend.  My dissapointment aside, I think the Bundesliga is a good fit for Bradley.  Surely, it’s not as fierce as the BPL, but Germany is full of high quality football and if Bradley can get in the squad regularly (like we all expect) he will continue his development nicely.

UPDATE: Borussia’s site is now confirming this, saying (thanks to google translator):

Borussia faces the commitment by Michael Bradley. The 21-year-old U.S. national player from SC Heerenveen to be tomorrow (Monday) the medical check in Moenchengladbach abroad.

“He is a versatile midfield player usable, for his age quite a lot of experience with it. We hope that everything works and we will make perfect thing tomorrow,” said sports director Christian Ziege.

DOUBLE UPDATE: Ives is reporting that Michael Bradley agreed to personal terms with Monchengladbach this morning. Deal done.

What do you think of this suprise potential move?



Kljestan to FC Twente?

August 29, 2008
The boy's got skill, but he needs to EAT MORE PIES.

McClaren: The boy's got skill, but he needs to EAT MORE PIES!!!

Ives has a little gossip on the Dutch club interested in our man Sacha.  Apparently it’s none of than Steve McClaren’s FC Twente, who just crashed out of Champions League qualifying earlier this week to Arsenal. Ives reports:

“…the Chivas USA midfielder could join former England manager Steve McClaren at Twente if the Dutch club can make an offer MLS will consider accepting (in the $3 to $4 million range is what I am being told).”

Will Chivas and MLS let Sacha go? Would 4 million USD be enough?

My Thoughts: I make my fondness for Sacha no secret and I think the Eredivisie would be a great league for the 22 year old.  He’s a strong creative midfielder who can attack in a number of midfield positions, but it’s hard to see where he can fit in the future of our already crowded USMNT midfield.  I think he was strong in the Olympics but I think his fitness was a weakness as he often looked sloppy in the last 15-20 minutes (granted he did play each game for our squad).  As for Twente, I’m not such a believer in the quality of the club, nor the quality of McClaren, but it would be a step up from Chivas.  The Dutch League could be a terrific place for him to develop, but I’m not sure Chivas will be happy to let him leave; it would leave their roster very thin.