VIDEO: Landon Training With Bayern

November 13, 2008


Kudos to Matt over at watchsocceronline.blogspot.com for these gems.  Two videos have emerged from the Bayern Training Grounds over the past two days, and they give us a little peak at Landon in action.

The first video is HERE

In the first vid, they’re mostly playing some small sided games (6v6 or whatever), if you don’t want to watch the whole 20 minute video, just skip to these highlights:

10:45 – Landon scores a goal

13:45 Landon hits a nice cross that leads to a goal

19:50 – some great interplay between Landon and Ribery, leading to a goal.

The second video is HERE

In the second vid, the Bayern lads do some warming up, then at the 10minute mark, they play a larger field 8v8ish scrimmage. Landon lines up as a forward alongside Luca Toni.  Seems like a situation that would only exist in my FIFA 09 manager mode.  Not too many exciting Landon highlights in the second video, but some nice passes, etc.  I hope his training is going well and I hope he impresses, because he does deserve to succeed and he does have all the skill and experience to do so.

Well it looks like I’ve answered my own question.  An article out of kicker.de says that apparently Landon is impressing so far (forgive the broken translation):

Coach Jürgen Klinsmann said that the 26-year-old is happy in the squad and that it’s no secret he would welcome him. He wanted him to move to Munich in the summer window, but failed due to skepticism and the veto of the bosses. But Donovan apparently is in the process of convincing them otherwise.

Thus, Bayern director Uli Hoeneß apparently has been convinced by the former Leverkusen man. “What he showed was okay. Kicken he can,” said Hoeneß on Thursday. In about one week, the German Masters will decide whether Donovan is committed.

“Kicken he can!” Sounds good.

What do you guys think?




  1. Dude, have to give you props… the last couple of photos you have posted have been hilarious!

  2. Of course, McBride’s and Mastroeni’s from the same photo shoot are bad enough to make Landon’s look classy.

  3. And whoa. I just read Donovan’s interview and he absolutely destroys MLS. I mean, it’s hard to get the whole story what with the broken translation, but “There are many in the US who can’t play football?” He makes MLS sound like a rec league.

  4. Toni and Ribery are totally gay for each other in that video.

    BTW, not to be negative, but “What he showed was okay” isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement, unless I’m losing something in translation.

  5. Yea Kowboy, “okay” certainly isn’t “great,” but it COULD just be a translation thing. who knows.

  6. Yeah, we’ll find out in the coming weeks, I’m sure. How great would it be if LD ended up at Bayern Munich?? This year has been pretty disappointing for Yanks Abroad (especially in Europe), he could really provide a shot in the arm.

  7. Dude, Luca Toni is a BEAST…!

  8. I hope he does well…because he is the best we have! I think he also did “okay”. He didn’t stand out, but he also didn’t look out of place…and watching Luca Toni bury everything that came his way in that first video was impressive…the guy just never missed.

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