About Yanked Around

Yanked Around was started in 2008 when I got sick of reading other soccer blogs who, in my opinion, weren’t critical enough of how the USMNT operates.  That said, since I will blurt my opinions carelessly, this blog will be admittedly less jouralistic than others and more about my expert critical opinion, and why I should be the coach of the US Men’s National Team. Tongue planted firmly in cheek.  Oh yea, I will also feature my 3rd grade-level photoshop skills with misguided pride.

Go ahead and send me an email at yankedaround@gmail.com!



  1. I appreciate your uninhibited approach. Do you plan to continue following the USMNT until the World Cup? If so, please contact me.

  2. Nice blog. I like what you’ve done with it.

    I had an idea for your site that you might like, but I’d much rather talk about it over e-mail.


  3. How do I reach you via email? 🙂

  4. Why no post after the game. We got Jozy Torres and Adu, adn they did well. Go youngones.

  5. Dude- I’m very dissapointed in your performance in recent weeks. If I need to call your mother and have a chat I can do that. When I found your blog I started checking it every day. Again, very very dissapointed. Peace.

  6. This is yanked arounds mother. I just wanted to let all you fine people that read and love my sons website that he has been grounded for eating cookies past his bed time and being generally insubordinant. As soon as he has learned his leason, he can continue amusing you with his witty banter. Thank you for understanding.

    Yanked Arounds Mother

    Jozy is the first american to score in la liga. No comment?

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