OMG JK! Onyewu Staying At Standard Liege. (Yeah Right, Pierre)

December 16, 2008

Despite all the “near done” rumors about Gooch’s move to France, Pierre Francois has THIS to say (in delicious broken/translated english):

“The director general director of Standard Liege, Pierre François said, about the situation of Oguchi Onyewu, considered a target of Marseille: “His contract expires in June next year and it will be difficult to extend, however the player will not leave in January. We know that we will be losing money, but right now the technical issue we want more than economic “

Yea right. Talk about an unsettled Oguchi. He’s been dreaming of moving on from Belgium ever since he tasted Newcastle (however bitter that might’ve been) and it would be criminal if he had to wait until summer. Or would it? Liege is enjoying a terrific run in the Uefa Cup and it’s only half a season…right? Plus since he’d be leaving on a free transfer he could sign wherever he wanted.

I still think that Gooch will move in January. Francois can say all he wants about money not being important, but at the end of the day, the difference between 4 million and zero is…well..4 million. And that’s a lot of dollar bills.

You think Francois is just playing the game to see if he can squeeze some more money out of potential offers? Or do you think he’s got the balls to deny Gooch his transfer request?

Chime in.




  1. Umm this isn’t related, but I had to say this somewhere, but like is it just me or does Luis Bueno have something against the US? His articles, are just a bit over exaggerated.

  2. Please share your thoughts on Navens decision to play for Serbia. I would love to hear your opinion.


  3. Wow, how professional Luis, very professional.

  4. Hey Yanked Around,

    What about those two goals from Dempsey today? The Cottage went mental. Surely you can come out of your Christmas hibernation/retirement for this joyous ocassion?

    Compliments of the season to you and your readers.


  5. yanked around-
    you are awesome and i love this blog! where the hell are ya?

  6. please shoot me an email if you start posting again!

  7. What happened to your blog man!? I used to check it everyday

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