Dempsey to QPR? Huh?

October 10, 2008

A little rumor popped up on the web today from a QPR fansite, and it spoke of their potential interest in Dempsey.  Apparently their was almost a loan to QPR back in August, but it fell through with the injuries to AJ and some other niggles at Fulham.  They report:

American international Clint Dempsey was the subject of interest once more, for a possible loan spell, but according to the Hounslow Chronicle the deal was shelved due to the injury woes of the R`s West London rivals.

So would Dempsey get loaned out to QPR? No way, I really don’t think this will happen.  But it’s fun to entertain all the little rumors!  Keep your eye on Dempsey tomorrow against Cuba, and maybe he can play his way into Fulham’s starting XI.

What do you think? Can you see Dempsey saying yes to spending some time in the Colaship?



One comment

  1. He should go to QPR and not look back! QPR is a team on the rise he will pass the Cottagers on the up escalator (with Fulham going in the opposite direction).

    If Hodgson doesn’t want him then good riddance! I don’t know where all of these Fulham supporters get the idea that Hodgson is some sort of genius. He coached Finland!(not Spain, not Portugal) When did Hodgson ever qualify for anything? It’s October and Fulham is starting its annual drift towards the bottom of the table (just like under Coleman, just like under Sanchez) Same old Fulham!

    QPR is owned by a group that includes one of the richest men in the world and they are building a team that will compete in the prem for years to come. They see untapped value there and Clint would flourish at Loftus Road.

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