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The Gooch Rockin’ The Mic

December 4, 2008

Onyewu showed up in today’s UEFA Cup match and scored the first goal of the game for Standard Liege.  Looks like the little American has some fire in him and wants to be taken seriously in this transfer window.  Hey, Marseille might have to pay 7 million to secure the big man. Jokes aside, a great showing from Gooch as Liege romped to a 3-0 victory over Sampdoria. You can check out the hightlights over at Yanks Abroad Highlights and see Gooch’s goal in clip number one.

My Thoughts: This is awesome for Onyewu and continued strong showings through December will up his value going into the transfer window.  Who knows, a few more goals and clean sheets and an EPL team might come calling.  Arsenal, you hear that? Replace Gallassssss…… har har.

You think Gooch’s stock has increased enough to garner some Premier League attention?



Moves Being Made For Onyewu

December 2, 2008

Rumors Abound! It’s only December 2nd, but we can already smell the January transfer window and our first whiff comes courtesy of Oguchi Onyewu.  Seems like Marseille and Borussia Moenchengladbach are battling it out for the America centre back. tells us:

“The offer from Marseille is reportedly around $6.5 million U.S. with the added bonus of Argentine defender Renato Ceville heading to Liege.

While the offer from Marseille may be the to much for Liege to pass up with Onyewu slated to be out of contract at seasons end, another suitor has arisen. According to, Borussia Monchengladbach is now offering Liege close to $4 million U.S. for Onyewu.”

Dear god, please don’t let Gooch go to BMG.  Seriously, If Gladbach gets relegated, the last thing any American wants is two USMNT starters playing for a Bundesliga 2 team.  Marseille would be a great place for Gooch to land and I think he would do very well in the French League.  6.5 million is a pretty hefty number for Onyewu and I don’t think Standard Liege will see a larger bid than that, so I’d be surprised if Gooch didn’t land at Marseille (That is, if the rumor is TRUE).

Another American with some buzz is Kenny Cooper, but more on that LATER.



American’s in UEFA Cup Action

September 18, 2008

Just a quick update as UEFA action kicks off today.

Gooch gets back up on the European stage today, as Standard face Everton at Goodison Park.  Gooch has lined up in his familiar central defensive role as the Belgian side looks to get a win on the road.

Carlos Bocanegra and Rennes also are in UEFA action today, taking on McClaren’s FC Twente.  Bocanegra started the match playing outside left back, the position he started out playing back in his MLS days.

My Thoughts: A strong run of performanes in the UEFA Cup would only help to boost Onyewu’s foreign interest, so keeping clean sheet away from home will be foremost on the American’s mind.  Meanwhile, Bocanegra looks to help Rennes advance, but I don’t think he has much at stake in terms of European interest (sorry to say an undersized American center back isn’t that sought after).



Gooch: THE RACE IS ON (Apparently)

August 28, 2008
I will leap into your league and crush.

I will leap into your league and crush.

less than 24 hours after a formidable showing against Liverpool, reports out of Belgium say the Liege phone is ringing off the hook.  Apparently, and soccer365 talks about this too, clubs in France, Spain, and England are inquiring about the availability of Oguchi “The Boss” Onyewu.

The interest is strong, and teams are now asking about the price.  According to Lyle Yorks, the most negotiations have occured with a club in La Liga (I would guess Espanyol, which had been linked earlier with a move for Gooch).  Says Lyle Yorks:

We’ve been talking with a La Liga club for 10 days… It’s a big club. I can say that. After last night’s game, we had discussions with a Premier League club and one of the top teams in France.

So we shall see. Will Gooch be going anywhere this window?  Can you guess what Premiership team is after him?



Champions League: Onyewu and Liege fall to Pool

August 27, 2008
Biological Proof that Oguchi Onyewu is not a superhuman robot.

Biological Proof that Oguchi Onyewu is not a superhuman robot.

In a real heartbreaker, Standard Liege fell to Liverpool in the last minute of Extra Time on Wednesday.  Dirk Kuyt threw a wild leg out to convert a Ryan Babel cross, sending Liverpool into the Group Stage of Champions League at the death.

Liege needed a 1-0 victory, or any draw that included goals (1-1, 2-2, etc) to advance, after holding Liverpool to 0-0 in their previous fixture in Belgium.  The Juliper league champions came out quite strong in the first half, passing the ball quite well, with especially impressive play coming from their playmaker Fellaini.  However, while their defense and midfield looked positive, their strikers never seemed too much a threat, and I’m not sure if anyone ever thought Liege would score a goal in the run of play.

Liverpool had a solid defensive showing just like their opponents, but their offensive play seemed to lack bite for long stretches of the match.  Gerrard was invisible for most of the fixture, and Kuyt, despite his workrate, couldn’t create from the wings (same old story here).  It’s performances like these that show just how much Liverpool need a player like Stewart Downing.

Gooch went all 120 minutes and he and the rest of the Liege backline looked quite on point tonight.  Torres never really got a sniff of the goal, and Robbie Keane was also neutralized by the big American.  Onyewu consistently won headers in the box, and made a slew of key clearances to keep Liege in the game.  However, he was lucky to not give up a penalty in Extra Time, as replays showed a sloppy tackle was indeed a foul inside the box.

My Thoughts: In short, Gooch looked great going toe to toe with a number of Elite attacking players.  He seems to be finally coming into a run of great form since his downhill turn at Tyneside, and this game proved to be a great stage for his performance. Will he move in the transfer window? He’s certainly helped his case with this performance, but be sure Standard won’t let him go for cheap, so it will take a decent offer.  Despite what happens in the next few days, plenty of teams will have their eye on him now.

I expect we’ll see him called up for Bob Bradleys squad in the upcoming WCQ’s, and no doubt he’ll turn in some more quality minutes.

what did you all think??