Kljestan to FC Twente?

August 29, 2008
The boy's got skill, but he needs to EAT MORE PIES.

McClaren: The boy's got skill, but he needs to EAT MORE PIES!!!

Ives has a little gossip on the Dutch club interested in our man Sacha.  Apparently it’s none of than Steve McClaren’s FC Twente, who just crashed out of Champions League qualifying earlier this week to Arsenal. Ives reports:

“…the Chivas USA midfielder could join former England manager Steve McClaren at Twente if the Dutch club can make an offer MLS will consider accepting (in the $3 to $4 million range is what I am being told).”

Will Chivas and MLS let Sacha go? Would 4 million USD be enough?

My Thoughts: I make my fondness for Sacha no secret and I think the Eredivisie would be a great league for the 22 year old.  He’s a strong creative midfielder who can attack in a number of midfield positions, but it’s hard to see where he can fit in the future of our already crowded USMNT midfield.  I think he was strong in the Olympics but I think his fitness was a weakness as he often looked sloppy in the last 15-20 minutes (granted he did play each game for our squad).  As for Twente, I’m not such a believer in the quality of the club, nor the quality of McClaren, but it would be a step up from Chivas.  The Dutch League could be a terrific place for him to develop, but I’m not sure Chivas will be happy to let him leave; it would leave their roster very thin.



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