Gooch: THE RACE IS ON (Apparently)

August 28, 2008
I will leap into your league and crush.

I will leap into your league and crush.

less than 24 hours after a formidable showing against Liverpool, reports out of Belgium say the Liege phone is ringing off the hook.  Apparently, and soccer365 talks about this too, clubs in France, Spain, and England are inquiring about the availability of Oguchi “The Boss” Onyewu.

The interest is strong, and teams are now asking about the price.  According to Lyle Yorks, the most negotiations have occured with a club in La Liga (I would guess Espanyol, which had been linked earlier with a move for Gooch).  Says Lyle Yorks:

We’ve been talking with a La Liga club for 10 days… It’s a big club. I can say that. After last night’s game, we had discussions with a Premier League club and one of the top teams in France.

So we shall see. Will Gooch be going anywhere this window?  Can you guess what Premiership team is after him?



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