Landon Donovan and Bayern Munich? Say What?

September 12, 2008
Landon's gonna make Varsity?

Is Landon ready for the Varsity Team?

There are some little chirps on the internet, and also over at the Washington Post that Juergen Klinsmann was keen on purchasing LD in the August transfer period.  Ives chimed in as well, saying:

“Apparently Juergen Klinsmann was very interested in adding Donovan, but the Bayern board of directors wasn’t keen on buying a player who is perceived to have twice washed out of the Bundesliga. This led to a discussion between Bayern and Los Angeles about a loan deal with an option to buy. Neither the Galaxy or MLS was interested in that.”

Donovan joining a storied and large European Club? Can it be so?!  Rumor also is saying that Bayern will come back in January with a bid to buy, and that Donovan is very open to a move to the Bundesliga.  This would grant the wishes of USMNT fans everywhere who have longed dreamed of LD giving a serious go at European Football.  I will keep my ear to the ground for more details as they pop up.

My Thoughts: Well shit, Landon at Bayern almost seems too good to be true.  And until some more concrete evidence pops up, I’m still skeptic of this ever happening.  I think it’s more realistic that Landon would join a smaller team in one of the Big Euro leagues, but if it’s true, you have to salivate over the notion of Landon being coached by Klinsmann.  Juergen masterminded some truly excellent attacking soccer with Germany in WC06 and it would be titillating to watch him squeeze the best out of Donovan.  Landon is much more mature now and seems eager to prove himself at the top level, which can only bode well for the future of the USMNT.  He seems ready for Europe so I hope something positive can materialize for him in January.  And Bayern Munich sure would be positive.

What do you think? Do you believe the whispers? Think it’s all fabricated?




  1. not a chance in hell that it happens. Love the LD but he doesn’t have it. Since WC’02When has he performed at the highest level?

  2. How the heck can any of us really know if he can make it. However, if Klinsi is seriously pursuing him, I trust his judgment over “m dog” or anybody else that says LD doesn’t have it.

    It is amazing what being placed in a great club can do to bring out the best in a player. In America, all the pressure is ON Landon. All the focus. At Bayern, he is surrounded by great players who will take all the focus off of him (during the game I am talking about). That helps him as a player. Next, he has great players to play with and off of him. That helps him as player. Next, he has great speed and ball control. He will help THEM as a player. He has natural instinct. Outside of weaker players surrounding him in the US (and playing out of position on the MNT), his only detriment appears to be his personal drive. And on that point, I think he is vastly improved than just 3 years ago.

  3. I dont know if munich is the place for him. As shown from his last euro excursion he finds him self out of place at the larger clubs..when he is not the center of attention. I think he should start at a less high publicized club such as Hamburg…they are in need of a new mid player anyways with the loss of Van de Varrt. But he needs to leave the US to progress in his ability

  4. I don’t remember the specifics, Harris, but I haven’t gotten the impression that his problem at Leverkusen was feeling out of place–other than not playing. I had heard something (yeah, I know, not an airtight declaration by any means, sry) about HIM getting screwed over by BL.

  5. Well,
    before we talk LD going back to the BuLi we need to talk other player who came up faster and stronger in a shorter time period. Let’s talk Robbie Rogers and EmmanuelEkpo from The Crew.

  6. Harris, WC ’02:
    Landon Donovan was brilliant for the USA, but he was not the center of attention. That honor would have fallen to any of John O’Brien, Clint Mathis, Claudio Reyna, or Brian McBride (all of the above). That gave Landon (likewise, DaMarcus Beasley) the chance to perform.

  7. That’s a good point Ryan. Having other offensive threats really helped free up Landon’s game. If we can get Jozy and Adu integrated into the lineup, hopefully that can have the same effect.

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