Middlesbrough Leads the Chase for Bradley

August 28, 2008
The Incredible Bradley

The Incredible Mike

tick tock tick tock…. Middlesbrough continues to make news regarding Gareth Southgates renewed interest in Michael Bradley.  The Daily Mail has now picked up the story of Borough pursuing the young American, saying that they were priced out of a move for Reading’s James Harper.  But by my estimation, Michael Bradley is worth a good deal more than Harper, so that seems odd if Southgate is looking for a cheap middie.  Plus we already know that Heerenveen isn’t going to take any penny pinching offers.

UPDATE: Also, for what it’s worth, Everton boss David Moyes was quoted  as saying

“I don’t need to buy mid-Premier League players – I need top players.  We’ve got these injuries and I want to sign six or seven players before next week.”

So on one hand he still wants to sign a handful of players (Bradley maybe?), but on the other, he’s looking for “top players.”  Unfortunately, though I hate to say it, Michael Bradley isn’t going to come into the Premiership and be a top player.  Surely he has potential to be, but this admission from Moyes implies to me that Everton may be out of the Bradley chase (but hey, it’s all speculation).

My Thoughts: Bradley is Middlesbrough’s for the taking, they just need to bring a serious offer to the table.  There just isn’t enough time left in the transfer window to play a intricate negotiating dance.  As critical as I am of Bradleys USMNT performances, I do think he has talent and tremendous work rate and I think he could fit nicely into the Borough squad (As long as someone else is doing the playmaking).

How do you all feel about Bradley potentially at Boro? or are you getting skeptical that he’ll be going anywhere?



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