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Neven Subotic: Red, White, and Blue After All?

October 24, 2008

So if you’ve been paying attention this past week, it turns out Germany is unable to pursue Subotic for their national team. The World Cup Blog breaks it down like this:

“According to German site Sueddeutsche (one of the country’s largest newspapers), the German Football Association has given up on Subotic since it’s become clear that because he didn’t have dual citizenship when he played for the US youth national teams (and that they won’t be able to grant him retroactive citizenship), he will not be able to play for Germany even if he does become a citizen now. In other words, they can’t get around FIFA’s pesky rules, so they said screw it.”

So now, Subotic has two choices, Serbia or the USA.  Neven has repeatedly said that he’s in no hurry to make his decision, and might even wait until the end of the European season before announcing his allegiance.  I would be very surprised if he were to pick Serbia over the USA, especially with Vidic and Ivanovic locking down the CB spots for the Serbs.  But who knows, since Subotic does seem to have some negative feelings for the US program since being dropped from the US U-20 squad and criticized by Rongen… What do you all think?

I for one, salivate over the notion of a Gooch, Subotic pairing. COULD IT HAPPEN?