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Saturday: The Ups And Downs

December 6, 2008

Michael Bradley is sadly back to the bench today for BMG as they face Bayer Leverkusen.  After 45 minutes, BMG are down 2 – nil.  God Moenchengladbach is a mess.  They currently sit second to last in the league table.  If they get relegated, the team is only gonna get worse, as you have to figure Marin (at least) will be sold.  Hopefully Bradley is just getting a rest this weekend, as earlier in the week the BMG manager expressed some disappointment in the young American’s fitness.

UPDATE: Match finished 3-1 and Bradley came on in the 63rd minute.

Clint Dempsey went the full 90 today in Fulham’s 1-1 draw with Manchester City at Craven Cottage.  A good result from Fulham, who is starting to remind me of their Coleman-era squad.  They are getting gritty draws and in a good mid table position.  Dempsey looked good today, staying active and positive in attack, although he did have a few chances at goal that he could have executed better (a few stray headers and at least one stray shot).

If anyone cares, Eddie Johnson isn’t part of the squad today for CFC’s match against Preston North End.  Sad stuff.  Who smells a move back to MLS for EJ?  I brought him back to FC Dallas in my Fifa 09 Manager Mode, and he’s done quite well for me. Har har.

Over in dreary Scotland, Damarcus Beasley is back in the first XI for Rangers as they battle Hamilton.  Maurice Edu (where the hell has he been?) is on the bench for the ‘Gers. The Beas has looked strong so far, playing some dangerous balls into the box from the wing. Hopefully he can grab an assist or goal, that’d be nice.

UPDATE: Wow. Rangers went on to win 7-1 behind a Boyd Hat Trick.  No assists or goals for Beas, and Edu STILL didn’t see the pitch. yikes.

Sheffield Wednesday returned Frank Simek to the starting lineup today in their 1-1 draw with Southampton.  Simek might’ve been a bit accountable for Southampton’s goal, but by all accounts played very well in his first full 90 minutes with the first team since injury.  He came forward and delivered dangerous crosses on multiple occassions. Great news for Simek and USMNT fans, hopefully he can stay in the squad and get back on Bob’s radar.

PREGAME: as we await the start of the Villarreal game, rumor is floating around that Jozy Altidore will start again this match with Rossi.  Apparently Pelligrini was very happy with Jozy’s play last week. Check out the deets here

More to come as the day wears on, Villarreal take on Getafe, blah blah. Go team.

What games are you watching?



Midweek Action: Bradley Starts for BMG

October 28, 2008

Michael Bradley started today for Moenchengladbach against Wolfsburg and he did not perform well.  He saw little of the ball, and when he did have a chance to score he provided a poor finish.  To make matters worse, in the 54th minute Bradley’s lazy marking on a set piece led to Wolfsburg’s second goal as his man rose above him to head home.

Tough stuff for Bradley Jr, especially as this has been his chance to impress the new manager.  I’m not sure he’s done so, and I’m not sure that we’ll see much more of Michael in the BMG starting lineup.  In fact, the whole BMG squad looks quite poor in possession and attack and they have little composure (throughout the match they committed poor fouls and earned a few stupid cards by talking back too much).  While it is still very early in the season, I have a feeling they’re going to be steeped in the relegation battle for the coming months.

Though I may sound overdramatic, I have to ask: What was Michael Bradley thinking when he decided to join this club? And maybe it’s also appropriate to ask, what was his agent thinking when advising him??  Borussia Moenchengladbach is a mess.

Ah well, a little further west on the European continent, Maurice Edu started for Rangers today in the Co-operative Insurance cup.  Beasley isn’t in the squad but I’m glad that Maurice is getting minutes.  It’s nearly halftime there now, and Rangers are up 1-0.  Maurice hasn’t been mentioned much in the gamecast but hopefully he can regain some confidence and start to compete for a place in the side.

More games tomorrow and a potential chance for Dempsey to start for Fulham.  Keep tabs!



More Cup Action: Adu starts for Monaco

September 24, 2008

Freddy got a start today and went 69 minutes for Monaco as they lost 1-0 to PSG in the French League Cup.  He played as a striker and by all accounts looked strong in attack.  He made sharp runs in the offensive third that unfortunately often went unrewarded by his teammates, as he was caught offsides a few times due to late passes.  The announcers also seemed impressed with his contributions and we can only hope that Gomes felt the same way.  Park replaced him up top as Monaco searched for the equalizing goal, but he could not provide any scoring either.  I’d be curious to see Park and Freddy up top together and see if they can combine for anythng promising.  Hopefully can still feature this weekend for Monaco, and let’s pray that Gomes sees the promise that we all do in the American youngster.

In other Tuesday developments, Villarreal will take on Racing Santandar today, but Altidore did not make the bench.  Both Nihat and Rossi are back from injury, so Jozy has been pushed further down the chart.  I’m curious if Villarreal will keep him simply for the Copa del Rey or if they will more seriously consider loaning him out.  It’s a little frightening to think Jozy might not see any first team action until January, but at least he is still training with the best.

Rennes and Carlos are in French League Cup action later today, so we’ll talk about that later on!  Also, the Rangers play today in a Cup game, so hopefully Edu and Beasley will see some time.  This could be an important game for Maurice to prove his stuff if he can get on the pitch.  Last but not least, Howard and Everton line up against Blackburn in Carling Cup play.  Also in CC today is Aston Villa, and maybe even Guzan will get to play?


Carling Cup


Brad Guzan started in net for Villa, but ultimately he was the one to blame after a poor clearance resulted in the only goal of the match. Guzan was called into action on only a few occasions, but did make a some nice saves.

Scottish Co-operative Insurance Cup


Beasley came on in the 70th minute and assisted on the gamewinner in Extra Time.  Edu was on the bench for the match, but did not see the pitch and will hope to play a part this weekend.  Beasley still looked a bit rusty, but he did provide a spark and I have a feeling he’ll stay as a super sub for the Rangers for the forseeable future.



Sunday Sadness: No Jozy, No Freddy

September 22, 2008

Neither Freddy Adu or Jozy Altidore saw the pitch as an overhyped Sunday matchday came and went without a peep.  I don’t have much to say about it, because I’m crippled with sadness, but let’s see…

Park started and went 90 for Monaco, and to be honest, he looked very very poor.  I was surprised that Freddy didn’t see the field as a sub, and it makes me wonder what’s going on with the manager.  While I’m not really into conspiracy theories, the truth is that it wasn’t Gomes decision to sign Adu, it was decided by the team president. So does Ricardo Gomes just not think Freddy has what it takes? Park missed two silver platter tap-ins and looked sluggish for the entire second half.  At this point, Monaco isn’t looking any better than Benfica.

In La Liga, Jozy never left the bench as Nihat was the striker who came on for the Yellow Submarine.  Disappointing for American fans everywhere who hoped we’d see the young forward again, but it looks like we’ll have to wait. Nihat combined with Llorente on the game winner, so that doesn’t bode well for Jozy’s inclusion either.  I’m not too concerned here, as Jozy definitely will continue to develop in training with these great players, and surely he’ll see minutes in the Copa del Rey.

In all, not a great soccer weekend for our USMNT players abroad, and not a great weekend for fans either. Neither Dempsey, Adu, Edu, or Jozy saw the field.  Weak.

For video highlights of the Yanks who DID see the pitch, head over to


Edu Starts for Rangers: Saturday Action

September 13, 2008
What Up Scotland?

What Up Scotland?



Both Maurice Edu and Damarcus Beasley started tonight for Rangers in a 2-1 win over Kilmarnock. Edu played the first 60 minutes of the match and left a good impression, passing well and winning a number of tackles in the midfield.  By contrast, Beasley (who was replaced at halftime) saw a lot of the ball, but had trouble posing a threat as he was dispossessed often on offense.  He did win a number of fouls for the Gers, but he needs to start beating defenders if he wants to stay in the lineup.

My Thoughts: Sweet stuff for Maurice Edu, who was gifted a starting spot after Kevin Thomson failed a late fitness test.  He played well and hopefully he continues to impress in his chances, although I think he’ll go back to being a substitute once Thomson returns.  Beasley looks to be in a small rut right now, unable to really attack with confidence. Hopefully he can work the kinks out.

Ligue 1


Freddy Adu came on in the 79th minute as Monaco posted a victory against Loriente today.  He had a few nice touches on the ball but really wasn’t involved much, but at least he came on sooner than the 85th minute.  It probably doesn’t bode well that Monaco’s new signing Park started up top and scored a goal.

you can watch video of Adu’s 12 minutes HERE

Check in tomorrow to see if Michael Bradley debuts for ‘Gladbach and if Jozy sees the pitch for Villarreal!



A Disappointing Sunday

August 31, 2008

Wah wah wahhhhhhhhh. That’s the sound of all the steam escaping from an overhyped Sunday matchday, and here’s why:

Scottish Premier League


Rangers came out on top in the first Old Firm Derby of the season, behind a brace from Kenny Miller.  Unfortunately, Damarcus Beasley and Maurice Edu failed to play a part for the Gers and we’ll have to hope next week brings more minutes for the Americans.

La Liga


In an exciting match that saw two red cards and a penalty, Villareal were held to a draw in their first game of the season.  Jozy made the bench, but for us Americans whose mouths are watering for a debut, we’ll have to wait.  If Jozy can’t even see sub minutes when their two star strikers are out, you have to figure a loan move could be in the cards.  We will have to wait and see.

Ligue 1


Carlos Bocanegra went the full 90 in a solid defensive performance, but Rennes were held scoreless in an otherwise slowmoving match.  Usual stuff from the consistent Boca.

Looks like the most exciting stuff today will be the Bradley transfer.  And if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see Gooch on the move as well in the next 36 hours. Woo!

As always, you can check out Sunday Highlights for all American’s Abroad at



Edu could debut in Old Firm derby

August 26, 2008
"The Manager told me to wear this. Anything for the manager"

Hell yeah I should start, I'm the FIFA 09 cover athlete, remember?

Word comes out of the Rangers manager Walter Smith that Maurice Edu will be included in Sunday’s squad, if he can arrive in Scotland by Thursday.  Smith said:

“We have to wait and see if we get him over on time.  The good thing is that he has been playing regularly and travelling around the world regularly with the US national team.  When I first met him he came across as one of these boys who would not be fazed by a great deal. He seems quite a confident lad.  If we can get him over in good time then I have no doubt that he would be involved on Sunday at some stage.”

What a great time for Edu.  His first European club game is one of the largest and oldest rivalries in football.  Don’t fuck it up!

My Thoughts: Edu will probably debut sometime in the second half.  Then he’ll score a 10-minute hat trick.  Not.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this has potential to be amazing move for both Edu and the USMNT.  If Edu can become a fixture in the Rangers squad, or even a regular starter, you have to figure that will carry over and give him the clout and experience to start for Bob Bradley in the center of the park.  Sounds good to me.

What about you all?  What kind of part do you see Edu playing at Rangers?