Game Day! And More Goal.com Junk

November 19, 2008

Only a couple hours left until kickoff for the WCQ this evening against Guatemala.  As we get ready for this match, what do we think the starting lineup will look like? Let’s take a stab.


Bornstein Goodson Parkhurst Gibbs

Adu Mastroeni Clark Kljestan

Ching Altidore

In a perfect dreamland, Kenny and Jozy would be up top, because that’s what US fans want to see.  Two exciting young strikers who, if able to form a partnership, could terrorize international defenses.  Hopefully we can go into haltime with a goal or two, and if so, hopefully Cooper can come on for Ching after 45.  That’s very wishful though, I expect Kenny to be a sub around the 60th minute or so (maybe even later). This will be an important game for Freddy also, as he struggled last time he had a run out, and if he IS deployed on the wing tonight, his performance will be important to watch.

And if you want some true pre-game entertainment, head over to this Goal.com article by Noah Davis to see him do a little victory strut.  I wrote a piece in September, criticizing Noah’s call for Thorrington and Arnaud to be included in the US Squad.  And now that they’ve appeared on this roster, Noah feels “vindicated” and thinks he’s walking in step with Bob Bradley’s psyche! Please.  If Thorrington or Arnaud see the pitch tonight, it’ll be for a handful of minutes and they’ll make no contribution. Book it.  If my starting lineup is close to being correct, I think the subs will be Cooper, Sean Franklin, and perhaps an unknown third depending on how the game shakes out.

Listen, I don’t mind that Thorrington and Arnaud are here for this game.  The game has no significance and alot our European Stars are hustling for PT across the pond.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves like Noah Davis and adopt the attitude that “Yea! Bob Bradley is really giving these guys a shot! And hey, maybe one of them could come in and really WOW us!”  Because that is simply not the case.  Noah says:

“Sure, there are stars who are locks for the 2010 World Cup Team, but a huge number of spots remain up for grabs”

A huge number of spots are up for grabs? Not so.  Yes there are a few spots up for grabs, and yes anything could happen injury-wise in the next year and a half.  But neither of those spots will go to Arnaud or Thorrington.  When picking attacking players for a World Cup bench, you don’t go with age or perceived “experience” (I would argue that the experience Arnaud and Thorrington have is not valuable), you go with players who can bring an injection of pace, creativity, and threat.  Players like Charlie Davies, Sasha Kljestan, and Freddy Adu (if Adu doesn’t mature enough to own a starting spot himself). Not a 32 year MLS veteran.

No offense John or Davy, but my eye remains on the bigger picture. And hey, if Thorrington scores a 10 minutes hat trick tonight, egg will be on my face.

Ready to watch the game?



One comment

  1. Guzan
    Thorrington Goodson Parkhurst Bornstein
    Mastroeni (c) Clark
    Adu Kljestan

    Cooper Altidore

    Todays official line up

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