Neven Subotic Makes His Choice

November 15, 2008
Digging his own International grave?

Digging his own International grave?

FOX Sports is channeling a Serbian news report that Neven Subotic has accepted the callup for the Serbian National Team. Looks like  Subotic has turned his back on the USA and Bosnia-Herzegovina, his other two choices.

If you want to check out something cool, head over and listen to this interview podcast with Subotic from November of 2006. In the majority of the podcast, Subotic talks about his (then pending) transfer to Mainz and his happiness in returning to Germany (the place where he grew up).

The most interesting part of the podcast is when Neil asks “Is USA the nation you definitely want to play for?” And Neven replies:

“I’ve played through residency so I’m an American.  And I’ve worn the crest, and thats also a thing you have to respect, yea, if you wear it once, you’re not gonna wear another crest.  That’d be kinda like backstabbing I would say…”

Well look at that. Heh. Backstabber Subotic after all, HOW CAN YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT.  In all seriousness though, I’m not mad that Subotic chose Serbia (if the report is accurate) but I’m more puzzled. If Subotic joins Serbia, he joins a team that has Vidic (Man United) and Ivanovic (Chelsea) locking down the central defense.  Not that Subotic couldn’t unseat Ivanovic, but it is a daunting task.  In addition, aside from those two players, Serbia is not exactly a shining squad.  Sure, they’re tied at the top of their WCQ group with Lithuania, but you have to expect France to climb back into contention, if not win the group outright.  That would leave Serbia and Lithuania battling for the World Cup spot, with Austria sniffing as well.  The point being that Serbia are hardly a lock for the World Cup at this point.

I know that Neven’s father wanted him to play for Serbia, so maybe that played a part.  Hey, maybe USA will draw Serbia in our World Cup Group and we can show him what he’s missing.

UPDATE: Oh by the way, Subotic scored two goals today in Dortmund’s 4-0 win over Frankfurt. Wow.

You think the Serbian report is true? Or just wishful reporting?  Also, what do you think of the podcast?




  1. […] Yanked Around Highly Polarized Opinions on the Middling State of the USMNT « S-S-Saturday Stuff Maybe Neven ISN’T A Backstabber! November 15, 2008 Looks like Sunil Gulati saw that FOX story today too, because he immediately reached out to Subotic’s representation for confirmation.  You’ll remember from my earlier post, that Subotic said that wearing another crest besides the USA would be “kinda like backstabbing.” […]

  2. Who are you guys kidding with a ridiculous story like this? Your story is one sided and bias. You never mention that he was born in Yugoslavia and that he is Serbian. He was born a Serb and if he chose anybody over Serbia that would be back stabbing. His parents first left Yugoslavia for Germany and when they could not get papers to stay in Germany they left for USA. USA wants him to play for them because he played for the youth teams, Germany wants him because he lived there before and he plays there now. Bosnia want him because they want anybody who cannot make the Serb or Croatian national team and they have wishfull thinking that he might choose them. Serbia wants him because he is Serbian and thats as simple as it gets. You guys have no clue when you talk about football and heart. A player should never choose a country because they might make it to the world up finals. Also Serbia has a lot better chance of winning something than the USA. USA love the fifa rankings because they get 3 points for playing against Honduras, Cuba, Barbados and Guatemala. Go watch Arena Football or something!

  3. I guess you miss the point, mike. The quote about backstabbing is Subotic’s, not mine. He said it himself. Keep trying though!

  4. Stupid Americans why should be play for america when they bombed and killed his people understand this THE ONLY REASON HE MOVED TO THE US IS BECAUSE HIS FAMILY WERE UNABLE TO GET CITIZENSHIP IN GERMANY and the US WAS THERE ONLY CHOICE from what i know they have now moved back to EUROPE (where they belong) that’s the same for all immigrants at the end of the day what does the US have that EUROPE does not NOTHING

    US = fat people, uneducated, ignorant, arrogant, people a land without mean full history and ohh yea really really bad food

  5. Isn’t it obvious that he wants to play with a winning team, such as Serbia?? You still have Adu the wonder kid! Go Serbia!

  6. stuoid amricans ..serbias national team is so fucing much better than your faatass nigger country..ofc its easy to play against countries like panama costa rica trindidag & tobago and so on..go and rape ur dog now fucking nigger

  7. I agree with you. In his situation anything makes him look bad though but hypocritical comments are the worst…

  8. Yeah, while some of the other posters may have been a little harsh, the Serbian National team is pretty well on par with the US team, certainly not worse. A better example for you would be Giuseppe Rossi who was BORN in the US and chose to play for Italy, clearly doing so for the prospect of playing for the better squad.

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