Maybe Neven ISN’T A Backstabber!

November 15, 2008

Looks like Sunil Gulati saw that FOX story today too, because he immediately reached out to Subotic’s representation for confirmation.  You’ll remember from my earlier post, that Subotic said that wearing another crest besides the USA would be “kinda like backstabbing.”

According to Ives, when reached for comment, Sunil said:

“We have spoken to Neven’s representative and can confirm the story is untrue.”

The Subotic circus just keeps getting more and more exciting!  I will say good job to Sunil for being on point in following up on this.  Hopefully Neven can see that we mean business when it comes to coaxing the Dortmund man to the States.

Surprised the story is untrue? Think the US still has a chance?




  1. I think as long as he hasn’t chosen already we have a chance of course.
    I just really hope Subotic would realize how many people he would make happy by playing for the US. I mean Serbia wants him too, but I am going to say I’m sure we want him more.

  2. Now that Soumare has commited to Mali, losing Subotic as well would be a big loss. I’d always figured that we’d get Soumare, so losing Subotic wasn’t a huge deal… but now we really need to get him into the USMNT mix. He and Gooch could prove to be our CB pairing for the next 8-10 years. Let’s hope he makes the right choice!

  3. I havent herad much about Subotic lately, has he made his decision yet?, who can inform me about this?, It will be greatly appreciated.

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