Gomes Might Hate Adu, But His Teammates Are Impressed!

November 12, 2008

Goal.com has a little blurb from veteran Monaco midfielder Camel Meriem in regards to our very own Fredua Adu. Check it:

“He is a super player, very strong with a very good left foot,” said Meriem of the 19-year-old American. “For the moment, he is discovering that the French championship is not easy for him. It takes time to adapt, but with time, everything will be better for him. In any case, he has the potential to become a player of very high standard.”

Okay, so how much did US Soccer pay Meriem to spread some positive talk about Freddy?  Hopefully Gomes feels the same way, because Freddy needs First Team minutes like I need a million dollars.  I expect Freddy to get called in for our Guatemala game on the 19th so hopefully he can use that stage to show some skill and usefulness.  But since Freddy hasn’t played much since the LAST qualifier, is it really fair to expect him to be effective against Guatemala? Freddy Adu: stuck in a spiral of doom.  Can’t get minutes for his club, which makes him rusty and inneffective when he CAN get minutes at the National level. Oh the irony.

2 posts already by 10am? Boom.




  1. Where is the Donate button? I don’t think Freddy will be rusty, but in Bradleys system he seems scared to do anything for fear of making a mistake and getting bitched at.

  2. I don’t know how to put up a Donate button. YET.

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