Landon Chillin’ In Munich

November 11, 2008

Word on the Interstreet is that LD has jetted over to Munich and is training with Bayern so Klinssman and Co can get a better look.  Germany’s kicker writes:

If Jürgen Klinsmann at this Tuesday clock by 15 players of FC Bayern training welcomed, he will welcome a guest: It is Landon Donovan (26). The offensive players from the U.S. for about one week [training]...

…Donovan would be the type of attacker who is behind the master striker Luca Toni and Miroslav Klose would uncomplaining classified – and thus the exodus willing Lukas Podolski in the winter could replace. [Does he have the class?]

The Associated Press also chimes in with this quote from Juergen:

“Landon will train with us in the next 10 days to retain his level of fitness,” Bayern’s coach Juergen Klinsmann said on the club’s Web site Tuesday.

Don’t you just love translated German?  This is some exciting news for Landon as it seems he’s finally grabbing his own future by the balls and taking charge (as opposed to his former priority to just practice juggling on the California beaches).

A move to Bayern would be mouthwatering for any USMNT fan, but could it really happen? Well yes, it could.  The bigger and more scary notion is:  Like most attacking American’s who are abroad this season, would Landon be stuck in a late sub role and just be coming on in the 80th minute of every game?  God I hope not, and if any offensive-minded American has the talent and maturity to start (or play major minutes) in Europe, it’s Landon.  Right? RIGHT??

And then there’s always the problem of: Will the MLS and Galaxy LET Landon leave? Wow, they better.

Rock and Roll.  What do you guys think?




  1. I’m really hoping this comes about. Surely if BM makes an offer, MLS will take it. That would be great advertising for the league: a player who developed here in MLS signing with a Bundesliga giant and former Champions League winner.

  2. I can’t really see a starting spot in his future there. Klinsmann likes the 4-4-2 and I cant see Landon pushing either Klose or Toni out of a starting FW role.

    That leaves a wing-midfield spot as his only chance to break through and I doubt he pushes Schweinsteiger or Ribery out of that role either.

    I don’t think he’s good enough on the ball, or will have the necessary chemistry with the other players, to be starting as the attacking CM either.

    If Landon joins Bayern it will more than likely be as a late injection of world-class pace at either of the previously mentioned positions, replacing one of Luca/Miro/Franck/Bastian. That would also be his best chance to contribute.

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