What’s Freddy Adu To Do?

November 9, 2008
From JoJo to Hilary?

From JoJo to Hilary?

Monaco lost 1-0 to Lyon yesterday and Freddy was an unused sub.  This has to be a nightmare for the young american.  I hate to say it, but this club situation is going to be a huge obstacle between him and a regular USMNT place.  He has not played at all in the last couple games and if I was Freddy, I’d be pissed.  Monaco is an underperforming mid table French club who is struggling for goals and Freddy is a creative offensive player who can score.  So what gives?  I’m not about to start calling for the firing of Ricardo Gomes because he’s not playing Freddy, BUT he’s not getting results and as far as I’m concerned that IS a potential grounds for termination.  Freddy it seems, is saying all the right things, as Tribal Football reports:

“Training over the past two weeks has been crisp. There is a new energy around the team. It is exciting to be a part of ! Coach Ricardo has made some changes and experimented with some different lineups as of late. He has given guys like Mollo, Licata, and Pokrivac a chance to prove their value to the team. They have responded well. My hope is that I will find my way into the plans of our coaching staff soon. Obviously, I am disappointed after being left off the eighteen man roster this past weekend, but I know I bring something to club. I am not discouraged. It only makes me work harder to earn my spot.”

Well shit Freddy, you SHOULD be discouraged, because everyone else following you in America is discouraged. I’m discouraged, Bob Bradley is probably discouraged, Momma Adu is probably discouraged.  Seriously though, if I’m Freddy Adu, being an unused sub on a poor team is unacceptable, and Freddy is better than that.

What do you think about Adu’s situation? Are you worried? What should he do?




  1. I totally agree with you, Freddy Adu should look for a transfer over the winter.

    Great site, wish you would update more often though.

    But kkep up the good work.

  2. I don’t think a new transfer is in order. Each transfer just means he has to win over a new coach and work his way into a new squad, etc. In fact, he should have never left Benfica IMO.

    The kid has talent. I wonder how he does in training. Maybe the coach isn’t seeing the right effort off the pitch.

  3. Part of the problem that I also see is that, if my memory is correct, it was not the coach who signed him, but the president.

  4. At least he’s succeeding in bringing the trend of celebrity WAGS to America.

  5. freddy’s career is spiralling down. hope he can get something going @ monaco or elsewhere. looks like he isn’t the American Maradona afterall.

    your turn Jozy!

  6. I hate France and the French, Monaco is no exception. I hope that Americans that decide to go over-seas do not continue to be an active player in that wanna-be, prime-time, joke league. If you wanna play in Europe, you got to play in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands or Italy. The Premiership is over-rated for player development in my view. Adu, get it together so they have no choice but to pt you on the field.

  7. I think there is something going on there that we don’t see. There has to be a reason by his coaches that he has not been included the past year in matches – and no more than a 10 minute sub. I know what I think of his performance with the MNT which is – he needs to pass the rock a little more and do more combining with other players, along with learning to add a smidge of defensive play to his game. So my assumption is that there is something in his training that he is doing that coaches (Benfica, Monaco, MNT) just are not happy with. Something that maybe he is failing to learn to overcome. Until he does that, he won’t play. But it does suck that he isn’t playing – I am hopefull he starts to see some minutes – or else, why would they have bought him?

  8. They didn’t buy him, he’s on loan with the option to buy. I would assume they are interested in him for marketing related reasons in addition to footballing reasons…

  9. I agree with “Joel” don’t do another transfer because then he has to go through the whole process again. He was doing better at Benefica. At least he played some and was scoring some goals. But maybe it is good that Adu is forgotten about for a while. With all the US players overseas these days, they are having to fight for a place on the team and at best most are just coming off the bench. Until the players learn to fight through they will remain on the bench. Maybe that is what the US players have been missing.

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