Kenny Cooper Passes on Callup, Fans Everywhere Break Down in Tears

October 15, 2008

Why Kenny Why? Kenny wrote on the FC Dallas blog earlier this week:

“I feel so fortunate and honored to have been invited to join up with the U.S. Men’s National team in Trinidad and Tobago. I made the difficult decision to pass on this opportunity because I had picked up a virus and have been playing with a sprained ankle. Considering the importance of my club’s game versus Real Salt Lake this week, and that the National Team has already clinched a berth in the next round of qualifying, I felt it was the right thing to do to stay in Dallas and make sure I get well, and hopefully there will be other opportunities down the line.”

My Thoughts: I’m gutted. I mean, don’t get me wrong I think Kenny’s heart is in the right place, but is his BRAIN?  I’m torn, if Kenny really is sick and has an injured ankle, then sure it’s the right choice to stay home. Or is it? Hopefully Bob Bradley assured Kenny that he would be called up in the future even if he missed this match.  But even then, Kenny’s chances to get quality minutes in the hexagonal are much smaller than his chances to get good PT in this TnT game.  Sure I think we’ll see Kenny called up in the next stage, but its probable that we’ll also only see him in a SUB role, given 15-30 minutes to prove his worth.  He could’ve started against Trinidad, and he needs all the pitch time he can get to prove he belongs in the fold.  It’s a risky move by Cooper, but only time will tell…

Do you think Kenny made the right call, or is he crazy?



One comment

  1. Kenny absolutely made the wrong call.

    He needed to show he was willing to do whatever he had to to get on this team. He was unwilling to sacrifice. If he’s able to play for Dallas with this “injury,” then he’s able to show up to National Team duty and try to earn a spot.

    I don’t care if he gets called up again. I don’t think he’s of international quality anyway.

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