Monday: Gladbach Coach Sacked

October 6, 2008

After six losses entrenched them at the bottom of the league table, Borussia Moenchengladbach fired their coach Jos Luhukay today. Reuters reports:

“We’re looking for a new coach but we’re going to do it calmly and carefully,” [Club Sporting Director] Ziege told http://www.borussia.de. “We’re not going to make a hasty decision and I’ve therefore agreed to train the team for now.”

This little quote is important because Ziege was directly responsible for the purchase of Michael Bradley from Heerenveen.  In the spirit of optimism, hopefully Ziege starts to play Bradley right away, because BMG are in desperate need of help in the midfield (hell, they could use some defenders too).  On the other hand, If I were a cynic, I might say that this sounds might similar to Freddy Adu at Benfica: Old coach fired, new coach comes in and ignores American player.  I have a feeling though that Bradley will get his chance now that Luhukay is out.  We’ll have to see how he performs against Cuba this weekend as well, as a strong showing could also help his case for inclusion.

What do you think? Worried about Bradley’s chances? Relieved that Luhukay is gone?




  1. Word around the office is Ziege was the driving force behind the Bradley transfer, so I’d expect to see him feature sooner rather than later.

  2. Sounds like Bradley is destined to see the pitch. A shakeup means that the a fresh idea is coming. Luckily Bradley did not feature in the abysmal showcase that got Luhukay fired, I’d say that bodes well for his chances.

    To boot, when the guy who bought you[Bradley] fires the coach after he has dropped points while YOU sit on the bench and watch, that seems taylor made.

    A new coach would be foolish not to play Michael, provided he gets a good look in training and works well with the players he will be trying to link up. I’m wondering of Dad is gonna feature him in the qualifiers already having that 9 point cushion. Edu or even a fringer Torres might squeeze in there. If anyone could use an extended rest it’s him, after the friendlies, Olympics, and the qualifiers to date.

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