Saturday With The Big Boys: Dempsey Gets His Chance

October 4, 2008
Don't Suck.

Don't Suck.

Dempsey is listed to start up front with Zamora for Fulham today, as they take on WBA.  Amidst rumors of Clint’s unhappiness on the bench, Hodgson has given the Texan a chance to prove himself and hopefully he’ll seize it by the collar and put in a good performance.

UPDATE: Dempsey didn’t suck (but Fulham did lose 1-0 to WBA)! By all accounts, Clint took advantage of his inclusion and through most of the game looked very dangerous.  He seemed central to Fulham’s attack and went close on a number of nice drives; he also set up Zolton Gera beautifully after a nice bit of hustle, but the former WBA man failed to finish.  Hodgson seemed happy with Dempsey’s play, saying after the match:

“…Clint dempsey who came in for the first time this year, had a very good game and that’s good to know, that there are players who haven’t featured so much so far, who are capable of going in and playing well.”

Good work from Dempsey in Andy Johnson’s absence, but I don’t think it was enough to keep him in the starting XI.  Still, his effort wasn’t all in vain methinks, as he definitely proved to Hodgson that he can be a valuable asset to the team and a viable offensive threat.  Clint needs to keep up the work in training, and really look to grab a goal or assist in his next chance if he wants to further raise his stock.

Over in Germany, Michael Bradly is on the bench for BMG’s game against Cologne.  It’s currently about the 65th minute and the score is locked at 1-1.  Doesn’t look good for Bradley getting in the game. Blah.

UPDATE: BMG lost 2-1 and Bradley did not get off the bench.  Tick tock BMG, time to get Bradley in the squad, looks like you need him.

In other Saturday Matchday news, Altidore is in the squad for Villarreals match against Real Betis, since Nihat is once again out with injury.  I don’t expect Jozy to see the pitch, but who can tell.

UPDATE: Altidore WAS named in the provisional 8 man bench for Villarreal, but he was dropped from the bench when they trimmed down to 7.  Unfortunate.  Hopefully we see Jozy versus Cuba next Saturday.

Check back in as the day moves on for updates! And for all Yanks video highlights, head over to http://watchsocceronline.blogspot.com



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