The US Roster Could Come Out Today (Friday)

October 3, 2008
Roster Magician

Bob Bradley: Roster Magician?

AND, there looks to be an interesting player listed on Bob’s roster: Jose Francisco Torres.  Steven Goff delivered the scoop Thursday night, saying:

“Jose Francisco Torres, the Texas-born midfielder who has spent five years in the Pachuca system and is eligible for both the U.S. and Mexican national programs, has accepted an invitation to play for the United States and will be at training camp in Washington starting Monday.

Torres confirmed the decision tonight.”

Bob and Sunil have had their eye on the 20 year old for awhile (Torrest declined an invitation to the Olympic Team Camp) and I’m curious to see the boy in action.  He has fought for a starting role at Pachuca and is a skilled attacking midfield player with great vision.  As far as position, Torres describes:

“Here in Mexico, I play center, but a little bit on the flank and I like to attack the goal a little bit.”

Uh oh. ANOTHER MIDFIELDER? Okay okay, I’ll calm down.  I can’t imagine that Bradley thinks Torres could challenge for a central midfield spot; the more likely scenario is Torres fighting on the left wing and giving competition to Beasley.  And I like the sound of that.  Beasley needs a little competition to refocus his game, and who knows, maybe Torres turns out to be a revelation.  I don’t know if Torres will actually see any pitch on the 11th, but I’m eager to get him into camp and see his mettle.  He’s a small player when it comes to size, so I’m curious to see how he fares at an International level, especially on the defensive side.  That said, if he brings some tasty attack, maybe I’ll waive his defensive responsibility… har har.

Also, wanna see some video of Torres? Well here ya go:

He scores the first goal in this 2-0 victory over Puebla

So what do you think? Will we see any Freddy/Jozy/Kenny?  Or will Bob leave them with their teams? I think we’ll see Jozy called, but I’m not sure about Freddy and Kenny.  We’ll soon see.



One comment

  1. I doubt we will see all three (Jozy, Freddy, and Kenny) and I don’t mind if we don’t. I’d like to see at least one of them get on the field though.

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