UEFA Cup Thursday: Gooch and Liege onward!

October 2, 2008

Gooch put in a strong 90 minutes as Liege advanced to the UEFA Group Stage at the expense of Tim Howard and the Toffees.  The American matched up very strongly against Louis Saha and Yakubu and fought through a nose bleed in the final minutes to secure his teams win.

My Thoughts: Great result for Onyewu who needs all the Euro games he can get if he plans to make a move in the January window.  Hopefully Liege can get a nice draw for the next Stage, and Gooch can continue to assert himself as a top centre back.  I think it’s a lock that we’ll see him back in the states on the 11th for Cuba, so I look forward to that as well!  Sad news for Tim Howard and Everton, but I don’t think the UEFA exit will affect Tim’s game or international stock that much.  The main problem at Everton is pretty clearly the defense, not goalkeeping.

In other UEFA news, Carlos Bocanegra and Rennes were eliminated after losing 1-0 today to Twente.  Carlos took up his familiar spot at left back for the French side and a 67th minute goal for FC Twente gave them the away goals advantage.  Not great for Carlos.




  1. Is it possible to call “Standard” “Standard” and not “Liege” ? Liège is a 2nd league club born in the end of the 19th century.

    What will be the Everton supporters reaction if we call them “Liverpool”?

  2. your analogy would make sense if Everton’s name was Standard de Liverpool.

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