Slow Week for USMNT

October 1, 2008

I apologize for the last few days being painfully slow.  I’m working on a piece about the upcoming Cuba (Oct 11) and T&T (Oct 15) games, because the roster should be interesting given the current MLS season.  Which is to say, we still might not see Kenny Cooper given the MLS playoff push.  Hopefully the foreshadowed absence of MLS players could lead to some callups for Jozy and Freddy, but that might be wishful thinking.  I can’t wait to see EJ starting up top (cue tears).




  1. I’d like to see an MLS-free lineup. Those guys’ schedules are messed up enough as is, and I’d like to prove that it’s possible. The only real hit to the lineup that would be is Donovan, but it could give Freddy the chance to run the offense.

  2. Bob is not an idiot (I don’t think). He has to have a plan with our young players. MLS be damned a world cup, and experience for our young players is way more important. I understand why he had the rosters he did for some tough away games…. experience, strength. but now that we have almost assured ourselves a spot in the hexagonal stage he has to pull up Freddy, Jozy, and Kenny, there should be even a few more surprises( holden, szetela, wynn, rogers) These guys are the key to 2010 and bradley must know it. If he doesnt pull these players up for the next games I will be starting a ” Fire Bob Bradley” web page.
    One Question, do you know when the roster gets released. I thought he had to request to the clubs already? Keep up the good work on this blog, keep being critical. some people don’t want to hear it but it’s the truth!

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