Ricardo Gomes on Freddy Adu

September 25, 2008

In the wake of Freddy Adu’s sparse playing time at Monaco, SI.com grabbed a quote from Ricardo Gomes.  It seems that Freddy is starting to gain some points in the manager’s eyes:

“For two weeks, I’ve looked at him in practice and noticed a change in his rhythm. He’s making more runs, he’s moving quicker and he understands the team better. In his finishing, he’s also having a lot of success.”

This article came out yesterday, before Adu started and went 70 minutes for Monaco in their 1-0 loss to PSG.  As mentioned in yesterday’s recap, Adu looked strong in the game and hopefully Gomes agrees.  In any case, it’s good to hear some positive feedback regarding Freddy in training, and it seems like he’s doing all the right things.  That’s all we can really ask of him.  Hopefully Freddy can create or score a few goals in his next couple appearances, because that would definitely help his place at Monaco (they are lacking a consistent goal scorer).

Ah well, we’ll keep our ear to the ground if anything else pops up!



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