The Dream Is Over for Brek Shea (momentarily)

September 19, 2008
Somewhere, a scout for Norway's National Team is suspicious.

Somewhere, a scout for Sweden's National Team is suspicious

Enormous 18 year old Brek Shea underwent surgery today for a torn medial meniscus in his write knee. OSC reports that he is expected to be out 3-4 months.

Brek has had a strange time at FC Dallas so far this season, mostly because no one can seem to decide what position he should play.  He came to Dallas as a striker, and played impressively in the Toulon U-23 tournament for the USA (Manchester United was apparently curious about the boy after the tourney), but now it seems that his club will mold him into a centre back. FC Dallas Coach Hyndeman said last week:

“He’s got all the ingredients,” Hyndman said. “He can see the game in front of him, he’s strong in the air, he’s a tackler, good speed, good feet. What we like to do is train him.”

That training will have to wait however until after his return from surgery. Lame sauce.

My Thoughts: No doubt about it, Brek Shea has all the physical gifts needed to succeed in football.  However, his talent is still very rough and he definitely needs to be trained and developed. His coaches and handlers need to find the best way to utilize him and for the moment it sounds like that will be done in defense. Considering Onyewu was a striker turned defender also, this transition isn’t that strange.  At Youth Levels, many players who are gifted with size, speed, and power end up playing striker because their teams need goals.  In any case, a centre tandem of Shea and Onyewu would certainly be physically imposing but any taste of that is years, and while Shea remains someone to keep an eye on, this surgery is definitely a setback.

What do you think of Shea? Think he has the talent to make it in the long run?




  1. note re:caption “Bottle Blond”
    completely natural – mother & father both blonds as are siblings – grandmother too.

  2. hope he gets well soon – a good player

  3. Brek Shea is the most amazing player out there. Training or not, he’ll be fine. He’s already good enough.

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