Weighing In On Charles Renken

September 16, 2008
2014 World Cup Golden Boot Winner. JK JK!!!

2014 World Cup Golden Boot Winner. JK JK!!!

So. By now you have to have heard at least SOME of the hubbub about Mr. Charles Renken, the “Next Freddy Adu” or the “Next Big Thing for US Soccer” blah blah blah.  While I dislike throwing these kinds of comparisons around (the boy is only 14) there’s no doubt that Renken has the potential to be a tremendously talented player.

If he hadn’t blown his ACL last January, we might’ve even heard more about him sooner, as he is apparently being tracked by a number of top foreign clubs. In fact, in a recent ESPN article, it was reported:

“Renken’s expected to sign a pro contract with a big-time club within 12 to 18 months. Every English Premier League team — from Manchester United to Liverpool — has shown some interest in Renken. He has already worked out for Arsenal and Reading and, in Germany, 1860 Munich.”

Renken also has a standing invitation to train with AC Milan’s Youth Squad, after he impressed with an ODP team in an Italian tournament.

In any case, the MAIN reason I wanted to write a little about this, is because Renken returned from injury this past weekend.  He came on as a substitute for the last 15 minutes in an Academy League game against Chivas, and he scored a goal. The boy is back.

My Thoughts: Despite the Adu comparisons, Renken is a very different player.  He’s mostly been utilized as a central midfield player and he’s often praised for his amazing vision, strength, and nose for goal from distance.  He’s only 14 so it’s far too soon to know how he will end up figuring into our country’s future (if you remember, Gooch started out as a striker, ha!).  Renken was just named to the new Bradenton U-17 class (yes, as a 14 year old) so we can expect to see a bit more of him in friendlies and tournaments as they pop up.  The one thing everyone can agree on, is that Renken is most certainly a player to follow.  Who knows, maybe he’ll make a late substitute appearance in a friendly leading up to the 2010 World Cup (Michael Bradley anyone?).




  1. Micheal Bradley what?

  2. Then unknown michael Bradley got his first cap as a late sub in the sendoff match before wc 06

  3. How tall is Renken? What are his current physical attributes?

    One of the negatives regarding Adu is his small frame and the ease of defenders knocking him off the ball. Hoping that Renken has a little more meat to him…

  4. 5’8 140. as a 15 yr-old, that’s pretty good.

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