Altidore: Channeling Tonya Harding?

September 8, 2008

Well this is just SUSPICIOUS (in the best of ways).  Looks like another Villarreal striker has gone down injured today.  Guille Franco now joins Rossi and Nihat on the injured list after hurting his knee in training this afternoon.  According to VillarrealUSA the injury is, “nothing to worry about in the long run, but enough to keep him out of action on Sunday.”

Wow, so after delivering a hat trick last week, Jozy is just one of two strikers available for this weekend (the other being Llorente).  Villarreal could opt to go with a 5 man midfield, leaving Altidore on the bench, but even then, you have to figure he’d make an appearance in the second half to spell Llorente.

Jozy is silently assassinating the entire Villarreal frontline. I love it.  Hopefully he has a good week of training and can sneak in the squad for this weekend. Huzzah!

What do you think?

And check back a little later for some post game talk regarding the Cuba match!



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