Jozy Altidore Squashes Rumors (for the moment)

August 29, 2008
The Ankle of Hercules

The Ankle of Hercules

An exciting sliver of internetness has emerged despite an otherwise slow Friday: Jozy Altidore has posted a new blog on this NY Times blog! Let’s take a peek at some of the most interesting parts.  First off, Altidore addresses the Olympics:

And the Olympics. Man, it seems like that was ages ago, but it was only a few weeks. I honestly don’t want to talk about. It was pretty disappointing for me as a whole. O.K., I guess I have to say something! Everyone was disappointed, even now when I think or talk about it I get a sour taste in my mouth. We had so many good players on the team and were so close to getting out of the first round. It’s hard to take and I don’t like to talk about it.

I know there were some things written about me being injured … I don’t know where that came from because I wasn’t injured. Maybe my left ankle is not the greatest, but I was more than fine to play. How much I played was really a coach’s decision. I had a game plan for myself, but I guess it wasn’t the same as the coach’s plan. My playing had nothing to do with my ankle, it was just how the coach made the lineup.

My Thoughts: Cue tears. We may never truly understand what was going on behind closed doors amongst Bob Bradley, Piotr Nowak, and Jozy Altidore, but this little bit of info is saddening. Jozy wasn’t injured and Piotr still barely used him in the Olympic Games.  Blasphemy! Heresy! Sabatoge!  Jozy was a strong threat in the sub minutes he did see, so it breaks my heart to know that he COULD HAVE PLAYED a full 90.  We’ll never know how our Olympic squad could have done at full tilt.  But let’s HOLD UP a minute, Jozy did say “Maybe my left ankle is not the greatest,” so maybe he was carrying a slight knock, and Nowak just wanted to protect him?  We’ll never know.  Some people around the internet are whispering about Jozy’s “attitude,” similar to how we’ve heard about Kenny Cooper’s “attitude,” and I’m not sure what to say about that.  The one fact remains (in my opinion): Josmer Altidore, attitude or not, is the strongest and most potential-filled pure Striker our National Team has seen in the last 10 years, and maybe ever.  Let him play.

Jozy then goes on to address some of the loan rumors:

So now I at least know that I’m going to be here at least until January. Everyone knows I was supposed to go to another La Liga team on loan. But I think I’ve now done well enough and we have those injuries that the coach said I’m going to be staying around and if I do well the coach said he would keep me for the whole season. With Nihat and Rossi hurt, we just want to make sure we’ve got things covered.

So that appears to answer any questions we had about Jozy’s supposed move to Vallodolid.  Jozy will get his chance in the fall term to prove his worth, and if he can play well, he’ll stick around.  Sounds good to me.  Rest assured I will have my eyes peeled on Sunday, hoping that Jozy takes the pitch and turns in a good performance.

What do you think about the Olympic situation? Trust Bob Bradley and Nowak?  Or did Nowak just pull the same thing he did with Adu at DC? I encourage you to OVERREACT! That’s what internet soccer blogs are for.



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