Michael Bradley SPEAKS about Moving to England

August 27, 2008
Run as fast as you can to Middlesbrough.

Run as fast as you can to Middlesbrough.

All this craziness is making me dizzy. Michael Bradley has spoken out today amidst rumors of Middlesbrough’s renewed interesting.  Bradley says:

“The Premier League is one of the best, if not the best league in the world, so it would be fantastic if I got the chance to play there,” said Bradley of his idea destination. “To go and play in England is absolutely something that I would love to do. You never know when that chance might come, but it is something that I hope can happen.”

He then continues, saying:

“Whether it is this year, next year, or in five years, I want to play in the Premier League and test myself against some of the best players in the world.”

FIVE YEARS? EFF THAT! YOU GET YOUR ASS TO THE PREMIER LEAGUE NOW.  Call up Middlesbrough yourself and ask for Gareth Southgate. “Excuse me Mr. Southgate, will you please buy me?”

On top of all this, word out of fannation.com says that Monaco is back in the race for Bradley, after failing to sign Betis Seville’s Marko Babic. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE!!!!

UPDATE: God this will never end, I’m reading now that Italian club Atalanta could swoop in for Bradley for an offer of around 5 million.  This has gotta be BS.

My Thoughts: Well, this is everyone’s favorite time of the transfer window when all news becomes a circus of rumors.  And most times, the sneaky source of these rumors is the player’s agent themselves, trying to muster up as much buzz as possible in the 11th hour.

I still say that I’d love Bradley at Middlesbrough, but it seems that Heerenveen is not going to part ways with Bradley for cheap, so it’ll take a serious offer to pry him from the Eredivisie.  It also doesn’t help that Heerenveen don’t have anyone that can immediately step into Bradley’s shoes and offer the same quality.  At this point, I think Everton are out of the race, if you can even call this a “race.”  I’m also not 100% believing the Monaco rumors.  I say IF Bradley moves (and there’s only a small chance he will, methinks) in the next few days, it’ll be Middlesbrough or Hamburg. But hey, what do I know?




  1. I think you mean Atalanta as the Italian club. If he went to Atlante, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

  2. you are very right! fixed! lol.

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