Edu could debut in Old Firm derby

August 26, 2008
"The Manager told me to wear this. Anything for the manager"

Hell yeah I should start, I'm the FIFA 09 cover athlete, remember?

Word comes out of the Rangers manager Walter Smith that Maurice Edu will be included in Sunday’s squad, if he can arrive in Scotland by Thursday.  Smith said:

“We have to wait and see if we get him over on time.  The good thing is that he has been playing regularly and travelling around the world regularly with the US national team.  When I first met him he came across as one of these boys who would not be fazed by a great deal. He seems quite a confident lad.  If we can get him over in good time then I have no doubt that he would be involved on Sunday at some stage.”

What a great time for Edu.  His first European club game is one of the largest and oldest rivalries in football.  Don’t fuck it up!

My Thoughts: Edu will probably debut sometime in the second half.  Then he’ll score a 10-minute hat trick.  Not.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this has potential to be amazing move for both Edu and the USMNT.  If Edu can become a fixture in the Rangers squad, or even a regular starter, you have to figure that will carry over and give him the clout and experience to start for Bob Bradley in the center of the park.  Sounds good to me.

What about you all?  What kind of part do you see Edu playing at Rangers?




  1. Mo is one of my favorite players, and along with Bradley the 2 best MFs the US has. He is going to flourish in Scotland. Can’t wait. Cmon Rangers!

  2. I’m sorry, but I’m a loyal Celt and I can’t in good conscience support Rangers. It tears me apart to see two Yanks suting up for the Huns. Ahhhh!

  3. what a great rangers victory yesterday it was a canter at parkhead with edu signing the gers have a far stronger squad now we have boyd novo hemdani the young spaniard aaron aswell as beasley on the bench and also fergie still to come bk so the gers are looking good for the title hopefully celtic will get a few injurys in there squad when there in the champions league trying to win an away game for the 1st time lol cheer up bhoys cheer up artur boruc being shit is not a crime poland polands number 2 LOL

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