Tasty Rumors: More Michael Bradley Whispers…

August 25, 2008
Bradley versus Father Time.

Bradley versus Father Time.

Looks like some teams are skulking in the shadows as they appraise Michael Bradley before the end of August.  Hamburg’s scouting director was apparently in attendance for the US match versus Guatemala last Wednesday (must’ve really wanted to see Bradley badly if he trekked to Guat).  He did confirm that he was there to watch Bradley, but he would not say whether a bid was in the cards.

This also comes to light as the Sun recently reported that Gareth Southgate is once again considering Bradley as a replacement for George Boateng.  This comes after Southgate has recently failed in signing Reading’s James Harper.

My Thoughts: Bradley to the Bundesliga isn’t a horrible move. It is an upward step, albeit not as elevated as a move to Everton or even Middlesborough.  Hamburg finished 4th in the Bundesliga last season and have been in the top 10 the last 6 seasons; their club does have some pedigree.  The match quality is good in Germany and it would be a good stepping stone for Michael, but you have to imagine that he has his eyes set on a move to England.  Whether or not that can happen in the next few days, remains to be seen.


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