Freddy debuts and other US Men Saturday Action

August 23, 2008
I will never stop finding it hilarious that Freddy Adu dated JoJo. Sorry.

I will never stop finding it hilarious that Freddy Adu dated JoJo. Sorry.

Ligue 1


So I thought you all (my vast readership) should know, Freddy Adu came on as a 85th minute substitute in Monaco’s 1-1 tie with Caen this evening. He popped up front as a forward playing off Monaco’s point striker, Frederic Nimani.

In only 5 minutes of time, it’s much too early for any thoughts, but hey, the good news is Freddy got on the pitch in his first game available. Hopefully he can chip away at the Starting XI and wreak some havoc.


Barclay’s Prem


Holy shit, whats that? Clint Dempsey and Fulham held off Arsenal to claim a 1-0 win at Craven Cottage.  I’m generous in my “Dempsey and Fulham” pronoun because the Texan only enjoyed the last 13-minutes of action, coming on as late sub.

My thoughts: Things look a little bleak for Dempsey at the Cottage, with new strike additions Bobby Zamora and Andy Johnson certain to be ahead of him in the depth chart.  Factor in that Seol Ki-Hyeon has looked strong in a starting role, and I’m not sure where Clint can fit.  It looks like his best bet at this point is to try and fight for a wing role, but Simon Davies certainly isn’t gonna sit on the bench.  Maybe Dempsey should start looking for a loan….


Tim Howard played a strong game as the only WBA goal came via an 89th minute penalty after a handball in the box.

My Thoughts: What’s there to say? Tim Howard is the strongest cog in the USMNT machine.  On another note though, Everton look a little thin in central midfield.  Today they lined up Mikel Arteta in the middle, and while he can certainly play the position, the Toffees lose a little threat without him torching the wings and serving in dangerous crosses.  Partner that with the fact that David Moyes handed a debut to 16 year old Jose Baxter, and if you ask me, it looks like Everton could use a little Michael Bradley magic…

Wishful thinking I know, but if Everton ever needed to shore up their central midfield its now.  I’m not convinced Moyes will buy anybody before the end of the month, but if Bradley has a strong first half with Heerenveen, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Everton bidding in January.



Remember Bobby Convey? Well he grabbed an assist today, serving in a delicious cross for Ibrahima Sonko just before halftime.  Unfortunately it didn’t matter much as Charlton produced 4 goals in a match that saw 3 penalties awarded (and only 2 converted).

My Thoughts: Convey desperately needs playing time if he’s gonna work back into the USMNT fold.  He does possess good pace and can pick out some good deep passes, but after spending alot of last season injured, he has a boatload of work cut out for him.  It doesn’t help that he only seems truly effective playing in our already crowded left midfield, but if he can keep picking out assists and score a few, I think we’ll see him back in some US camps.  Making the final roster for Bob Bradley’s squad however, is another hurdle that I don’t think he’ll clear.


Demerit went the full 90 and captained a losing Watford side. I’ll spare the details, because who cares?

My Thoughts: Listen I like Jay Demerit, I really do, and I think he’s a good player.  But the truth is, if someone is gonna oust Bocanegra or Onyewu from our central defense, it isn’t gonna be Demerit.  At best, Jay is a fringe player on the squad and a safety sub.  Gooch and Boca face more competition from Nevan Subotic, and he hasn’t even committed to our National Team program.



After playing mid week in Guatemala, Beasley swam back to Scotland and came on in the 81st minute. (Edu did not dress and watched from the stands).  With the game deadlocked 1-1 Beasley scored the apparent winner in stoppage time, before it was incorrectly ruled offside.  Well that sucks.

My Thoughts: Beasley is in the perfect place right now.  When he’s fully fit, Beasley should start for the Rangers regularly and with consistent minutes, he will develop nicely.  Rangers is a great fit for Damarcus, not too big, not too small.  Over the next season, Beasleys biggest challenge will be staying fit and turning in consistent performances.  The starting left wing spot on our MNT is his to lose.




  1. nice site, keep it up

  2. Bradley at Everton would be effin awesome. Great blog keep it up.

  3. Damn, I hate seeing two Americans players plying their trade with the ‘Gers. It’s about time Celtic signs an American

  4. I agree. It almost happened with Brad Guzan, but I guess we’ll just have to wait to see an American in the green and white. That’d be a great derby though with Americans on both teams…

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