Eddie Johnson joins Cardiff City

August 22, 2008
Teach me how to score Brian.

Teach me how to score Brian.

So Eddie Johnson goes from Fulham Reserves to Cardiff City FC for a season long loan.

What do we think? The bottom line is EJ needs to get consistent playing time, if that happens at Cardiff, then its a great move.

Let’s be honest: Eddie’s move to the Colaship isn’t gonna result in him scoring automatic goals (or will it?), but that’s not the point.  The point is that Eddie needs to be playing big minutes week in and week out.

Eddie doesn’t just need to find his scoring form, he needs to upgrade his entire game.  His scoring drought goes beyond being “out of form,” EJ needs to massively improve his football basics.  Everyone was so enamored by his blistering pace and 6 goals in his first 7 World Cup Qualifiers, that I think he stopped developing as player, and instead started to enjoy life as a football star.  Not to say that he started to get lazy, but in any case, his touch and ball control need major upgrades.

Once he can be confident enough on the ball to expand his offensive game beyond his current tools of “back pass” and “offsides position” maybe he will start to create and earn some great goals that we all know he is capable of scoring.

Huzzah Cardiff City, please teach EJ how to score goals.


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